Small Groups

We have several groups that meet for Bible study, worship, discussion, and community. We cannot do the Christian life alone. We are meant to be in community with other Christians as we seek to live out and carry out God's plan for our lives- chiefly to bring glory to God in all things.

Here are a list of small groups, classes, and Sunday School classes that meet on a regular basis.

  • Sunday SChool Classes

    We have classes that meet every Sunday for every type of age range from newborns to senior adults. We have a team that will help you find a class to get connected with.

  • Students grades 6-12

    Our student ministry meets on Sundays and Wednesdays to study God's Word, model prayer and evangelism, and build relationships. Our aim is that every student experiences a personal relationship with Christ.

  • Young SINGLE 18-25

    We have a young group of adults who not only meet on Sunday mornings, but also on other nights of the week. Check with Pastor Daniel on times that you can get connected with this group. This may be late Sunday Nights or nights convenient for the group to gather.

  • Young Married

    Young Marrieds meet on Sunday Morning as well at other times. If you can't make it on Sundays, but want to connect with our community of Young Married's, please let Pastor Daniel know, so that you can get connected at the right time.

  • Whosoevers

    Whosoevers is a blended age group of believers who meet together to study God's Word on other nights of the week in addition to Sunday Mornings. If you can't make it on a Sunday, please let us know on our contact page and we will get you connected.

  • Grow Classes

    We offer a process of discipleship to those that want to grow deeper in their walk with God. This process isn't just a course, but a discipleship effort to help you become more like Christ. We offer these GROW courses via appointments, conference type settings, on other nights of the week, and or other times that are convenient for you to grow in your walk with Christ.

  • Widow and Widowers

    If you are a widow or widower and struggle to connect with others, Pastor Daniel would like to invite you for coffee at the church once a month for a devotion and a time of fellowship. If you would like to get connected with this group, please let Pastor Daniel know.