Mission Trip: Uganda 2020

Central Baptist Church will be going to Uganda in October 2020. During this trip, we will engage in evangelism, disciple-making, training, and mercy ministries. During this ministry partnership, we will seek to build the kingdom with a variety of gifts and opportunities. See Pastor Daniel for more details.

Check out below for the next steps in you feel God is leading you to go to engage unreached people across the nations

Next Steps

1. Passport and Vaccines

In order to go on mission internationally, individuals will need to make sure that they have a current passport that is valid for at least 6 months after the date of arrival back to the United States. In addition to having a passport, individuals will need to make sure that they have vaccines recommended by the CDC.

2. Raise Support and Buy Tickets

After an individual has completed step 1, he or she may talk to Pastor Daniel about going on the trip. Once approved, the individual may raise support. The final balance will be due in February of 2020 so that airfare can be purchased as a group.

The approximate cost of a flight can range from $1000-$2400 depending on when the tickets are purchased. Total cost of trip can vary based upon airfare. If flights are purchased early, the airfare+in field hotel/food would cost approximately $2500-$3000.

3. Attend Meetings

After the flights have been booked, the mission trip team will meet to plan, train, and prepare for the trip. During these meetings we will discuss travel, security, medicine, and spiritual preparation. We will also do some specific studies for missions.

4. Apply for VISA and GO

Before one can leave to go on the trip, they must have applied for their visa in country. As a group we will apply for the East Africa Tourist Visa that will allow us to travel between a few countries. We will meet the night before to pray, check baggage weights, and load a trailer to carry us to the airport. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Daniel.

Uganda Motorcycle Fund